“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This is the dictum that best describes the journey of Mr. Haritrushi, the Founder of 7th Sense.

What began as a single, humble step of copywriting service on a freelance basis has grown into a full-fledged branding conglomerate.

Entrepreneurs strive to seek and plug the gaps in the world around them. Mr. Haritrushi, being a seasoned entrepreneur, saw the gap in the market in terms of services related to advertising and brand building. This is how 7th Sense was born in 1997.

Ever since Mr. Haritrushi offered copywriting service, 7th Sense has added a plethora of services such as advertising, feature films, ad films branding etc.

No entrepreneurial journey is without its setbacks. However, Mr. Haritrushi has only enhanced his entrepreneurial prowess every time he hit a roadblock. This is precisely why, starting as a copywriter, he has now emerged as a film maker of repute.

Being a creative artist at heart, Mr. Haritrushi is always on a quest for creative challenges that push the boundaries of his creativity and take him out of his comfort zone. As a versatile artist, exemplary entrepreneur, and incomparable leader, he has galvanized 7th Sense into a powerful brand building agency and film production house – a force to reckon with. With his visionary leadership, 7th Sense has transformed local companies into powerful brands that society recognizes and respects.

The journey, however, still goes on…


Since 1997, we have catered to a diversity of companies, leaders in their own domain. Whether it’s big or small , each one has carved a niche for itself and raised the bar in their respective fields. We have delivered brand building services and films to companies in every major field.

It’s been a rare joy to enhance the power of these brands and enable them to take their appeal and impact to the next level. Whether it’s logo design, TV ads or social media marketing, we have delivered quality services that propel companies into the future at a lightening pace. No matter how small or big the venture is, our brand building services have moulded their market presence and transformed their impact.

Here’s a list of our select clients:


For decades, we have provided a diverse set of services for clients from different fields. Whether it is a brand name, ad on national television or a full-fledged feature film, we cater to each of these and more in a stunningly creative manner and create an enormous positive impact for the respective businesses. We love to work on innovative concepts and provide refreshingly offbeat branding solutions. We provide 360 degree campaigns and film production services too.

Here’s what we do, day in and day out…

Tv Advertisements

Feature Film


Short Film Digital films

Corporate Videos

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our team

Now, you will ask that when I come with my product or a brand, what 7th Sense will do. We say we will touch the product, check the packaging and its ingredients. We visit the manufacturing plant, why? Because to touch is to feel. To bring out the essence of our creative output, we might ask several questions or may be none at all. Because touching the soul of a product is fetching the solutions within the problem itself.